Legal Writ Of Compensation


The Under-signed Entity and his illegally assigned “Person”

Addressed To:

“GOD”, “The Uni­Verse” – and all Executives, Law­-Makers, Judges & Officers there­-of.


……….It is Now, Clearly Comprehended and Known, by Me, the Under-signed Entity, that The Uni­-Verse and ALL That is “in” IT is Infinite.

……….As such, nearly everything that I, The Under-­signed Entity, have been led to believe thus-­far, about My Existence, and “Existence” and/or “Reality” in general – My “Place” and “Position” with­-in it, and what is available to My Self as an Expression of that Infinity, has been either a lie, or falsified information, given by those who had no authority to do-­so.  “I” – as My Self, who has no “name”, but claim many symbolic representations of That Self which is the “I” that I AM – AM the Sole and Absolute Authority of and for My Life, My Existence, and My Reality.

……….Additionally, at My coming-into-BE-­ing in this Life-­form and Life­-time, I was assigned – against My WILL – a “Person”, for-which has been used against my Self, and for the benefit of Others.  This is an automatic “Breach Of Contract” and an abuse of the highest order, for which I demand immediate justice and compensation.

……….The fact that this process was done according to the so-­called “Laws Of Man” (whether they be Maritime Laws, or Laws of The Land, or any other Law which is hidden or concealed from My Self and/or My Person) is a null point as the “Laws of The Uni­Verse” always and In-­All-­Ways trump the so-called, “Laws Of Man”.  But even barring the reference of this situation to That Higher Order, the process was done Under Duress – as Those Who are and were called, My “Parents” were also un­-aware and ill-­informed of Their actions, and had no Uni­Versal right to sign My Life and My BE-ing away, assigning the slave status of “Person” to My Self.  Thus making that so­-called “Legal” process “Null And Void” on all fronts and in all respects – absolutely, in perpetuity – and further-more making it completely and wholly “Illegal”.

……….There-fore, Any and ALL Debts – Be they:  Physical, Mental, Emotional, Karmic, or Monetary – acquired by My Self and/or My Person – from the time of my so ­called “Birth”, extending into what Is now Known as “Eternity” – are also, now rendered completely and absolutely “Null And Void” in perpetuity, with absolutely no chance of Double-Jeopardy.

……….I AM Here-by and Hence-­forth, acquitted of Any and ALL:  Crimes, Discretions – and/or – Any and ALL other Charges which may, or may not, have been levied against My Self and/or My “Person” at any time:  Past, Present, or Future.  My “Time is Served”, and my debts are “Paid In­ Full”.  Subsequently, my Record is to-be Immediately Wiped Clean, Expunged, and Deleted.  I AM, Now and Forever-more, officially made “EXEMPT”, “ABSOLUTE”, “SOVEREIGN” and “FREE”.

……….However, the balance of payments to My Self and My Person, in-contrast-to The Pay-outs from My Self and My Person – As of the time of the writing of this Legal and Binding Writ (and the time of the most recent revision of the same) – remains severely un­-even, and MUST BE BALANCED IMMEDIATELY – with Interest, Compounded Daily – for Lack Of Payment thus­-far at the Fixed Rate of 666.% – starting from the time of what is referred-to as, My “Birth” – according to the illegal document referred to as, My “Birth Certificate” – which was signed by my so-­called, “Parents” (Apparently:  as I have no recollection of the experience and there is no photographic, video, audio, or any other evidence to indicate that the occurrence ever actually took-place, and thus can not be Proved – However this remains [at the time of this writing] the “best” bet for the beginning of my so called, “Life” on this plane.)… and Will continue until payment is made “In­ Full” to My Self and My Person.  Further damages for Pain And Suffering are to-be payed according to what is deemed appropriate to what is comprehended and known as “GOD”, and the “Judges” of “UniVersal Law”, and can not be represented by a negative reality, resulting in further payment by My Self and/or My Person – as it has already been written and sentenced that My Debts are “Paid In­ Full” and My “Time Is Served”, and-then-some.

……….This Writ is to here-by demand the Immediate Compensation for any and ALL transgressions against My Self and My Person – either Attempted or Actual.  Further-more, I shall also be compensated, In-Full, With Interest for Any and ALL situations – where­-in – there was a lack of action or complete in-action when certain actions should have been forth-­coming for My Benefit and/or Protection by any Other who held that position of responsibility.

These Situations Include
ut Are Not Limited To:

AbandonmentAbuse: (physical & verbal, emotional & mental) – Abuse Of AuthorityAbuse Of PowerAccidental DeathArsonAssault: (physical & verbal, emotional & mental) – Attempted HomicideAttempted RapeBatteryBetrayalBrainwashing: (actual & attempted) – Breach Of Contract:  (verbal & written) – BlackmailBreaking & EnteringBreaking An OathBribery – BullyingBurglaryComputer CrimesConningConspiracyContempt Of CourtCredit FraudDebt FraudDisorderly ConductDisturbing The PeaceDomestic ViolenceDUIDWIDuressEmbarrassmentEmbezzlementExtortionFailure To Stop Bullying and/or Abuse From OthersFailure To Pay DebtsFailure To Yield To The Right-­Of-­WayFalse AccusationsFalse ImprisonmentFalse RepresentationForced Abuse Of AnotherForced Aiding & AbettingForced Animal Abuse – Forced HomicideForgeryFraud – HarassmentHate CrimesHomicide – Indecent ExposureIdentity TheftInsurance FraudKidnappingLarcenyLibelLying – MalpracticeObstruction Of JusticeOmission Of Vital InformationOmission Of ResponsibilityPerjuryPoisoningRacketeeringRapeReckless EndangermentRobbery – RudenessSexual AbuseSexual AssaultSlanderSlaverySolicitationStalking – Statutory RapeTax FraudTheftUsuryVandalismWith-holding Of Information – With-holding Payment Of Compensation

……….…and Any and ALL other:  Crimes, Injustices, and Abuses that have been done – whether by action or in-action – and which may, or may not be on this list, but did indeed happen, were attempted, or conspired against My Self and/or My Person.

……….Additionally, I shall be compensated, in like manner – with compounded interest – for Lack Of Payment thus-far, and Compensation for Pain And Suffering – for All of those things for­-which I have been Punished for or was made to pay for, which were not My fault but were directly or due to the actions or in-­actions of Others – and for those things which I have been Punished or where made to Pay For, which were NOT crimes – even if considered to-be-so by the un-Enlightened and Illegal “Laws Of Man”.

……….Finally – Any and ALL Crimes and/or Transgressions which I may contemplate or commit In-Spirit or Mind, which are – as-a-result-of the damaging effects of The Mental and/or Emotional Programming from previous Transgressions against My Self and/or My Person – and which are NOT as-a-result-of My Conscious, Informed, and Aware Choice to Do-So, are also rendered “Null And Void” and carry no Debt – Karmic or Otherwise – as I shall un-doubtedly Pay for those Crimes and/or Transgressions through my new­-found awareness, causing the so-called, “Debt” to be paid Mentally and Emotionally, in the very moment, before manifesting into outward action.

As Per The Above Written Truths:





This Legal Writ Is Now Made Law.

……….Further Compounded Interest For Lack Of Payment Thus­-Far At 666.% Daily, from the time of what is called My “Birth”, according to the Illegal Document called My “Birth Certificate”, By My WILL, shall continue until payment is made “In Full”.

……….I reserve the right to make adjustments to this Legal Writ, at My Choosing Without Notice or Permission, asked for, given, requested or required by ANY Other Than My Self and/or My Person, or any of the Expressions Which I Claim As MY OWN.

Signed on this day of:

June, 12, 2016 (and any day of my choosing to amend and/or alter this Legal Writ)


G.U.A.:.G.O.A.:.G.E.I. – AWAKA – Cloud – [c]Loud-Speaker – RakimtheMakir – 

“The Ma’ad Hadir” – PAN – (and any Other to come)

And…  (The “Person” Of):

Claude James Cote’

And Further:

Any and All:  aliases, nicknames, and/or alternate identities – known, un­-known, or to-­be-­known

Witnessed By:

That which Is Known As:  GOD