Fuck Introductions

In Other Words…

(Traditional/Scholarly) “Introductions” Are (Almost Always) A Waste Of Time


………….It has long been thought — as a product of former Aeons — that introductions to the work that is put-forward in any book are somehow necessary.

This was done for a number of reasons:


  • To Educate The Readers About Some Of The Things That They Shall Be Reading
    • This was only necessary in academic and professional “circles” as it would happen, from-time-to-time that a person would be obliged or persuaded to read something that he or she was either not interested in or had no prior knowledge about.
This Is No-Longer Necessary In This New Aeon
  • To “Legitimatize” The Writing Because –- Either The First Reason Applied, Or Because The Subject-Matter Was A Bit “Out Of The Norm”.
    • When this happened, an other person than the author was en’treated (or just handsomely paid) to write the introduction.
Also, No-Longer Necessary In This New Aeon
(Because Now, There Will Always Be Someone Who Is Even Crazier Than You)
  • To Sell The Book.
    • This tactic is more a product of “The Post-Industrial Age”, where-in a person — who was not in “The World Of Academia” — could and would actually spend money on things called “books”…  but, first, would need to be persuaded to actually buy the damn things first.
This Is Not Necessary With This Book As I Don’t Give A Shit About Those People
(And They Would Not Give A Shit About This Book)