(Taken from the non-copyright disclaimer page in Phoenix Journal 001)

[Only minor editing to the original quote has been made to improve the punctuation and make more clear the over-all message.]

“…All of History – as We Know it – has been re-vised, re-written, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated Men, [in order] to achieve and maintain control over other Men.


When One can [comprehend] that every thing IS com’prised of Energy…  That even physical matter is coalesced Energy…  That ALL Energy emanates from God’s Thought…


[Then] One can accept the Idea that the successful focusing of millions of Minds on one expected [event] will cause [that event] to [actually] happen.


[And as such,] if the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, [then] these [times that we are living in] are [indeed] “The End-Times”…


That would put us, [then] in “The Sorting Period” – and [thus] only a few short years from “The Finish Line”.


“God” has said that in The End-Times would come “The WORD”…  to “The Four Corners” of The World…  So that Each could de’cide His or Her Own course to’ward, or away-from, Divinity.  [And this,] based upon TRUTH…


So, God sends His Hosts – Messengers – to present that Truth…”

The rest of the quote goes on to say that this truth is in the form of The Phoenix Journals, and because of this being “TRUTH”, as such – it can not be “Copy-righted”…

I do not agree that The Phoenix Journal was [as was presented] this “Truth”, but perhaps one avenue of such.

Unfortunately this is a common mis-conception of those who take too seriously the idea that they are “Messengers of Truth”…  That they are somehow “special” because of this…  They Are of course on one level, But ultimately…  they aren’t so much.  But I do agree that, no information comes from, or belongs to any one individual.

Truth, in any fORm, is not “Man’s” to give or restrict the rights there-of…

And as such, I subscribe fully to the concept first seen in some random book or journal on the “Chaos Current” that stated-not, “All Rights Reserved”…  but instead…

“ALL Rites Reversed”