Morrowind Life-Lessons — #1

Morrowind Life-Lesson, Number 1. Lessons that can be used in one’s Life to enhance his or her ability to become a more super-awesome person, thus making life, in general, more fucking amazing. This, of course, can have a lasting effect on those around that person. Do you want to learn from some valuable Life-Lessons from the The Elder Scrolls III? Then read on my friend. 

“…Shit moves pretty fuckin’ slow in the beginning.  But just keep pluggin’ away at it, and eventually you’ll become a GOD…”

Life-Lesson From Morrowind, Number 1

(Dark Elf – Level 46 – Arch-Mage of The Mages Guild)

[plain] “Morrowind Life-Lessons” are in-no-way sponsored or sanctioned by the creators of that amazing miniature Uni-Verse (or any of the other related “Elder Scrolls” creations).  These lessons are the sole creation of The One Called, “The Ma’ad Hadir” — and are in-no-way meant to be used as ACTUAL lessons or pieces of advice…  However, they certainly can be, and in-most-cases may actually be of benefit in the “Real” world.  Just don’t blame me if you get hurt…  Seriously… Don’t. [/plain]