Journal Of RakimTheMakir AL-AWAKA:  (Monday — June 24th, 2019)


Many Beginnings

so Many Beginnings

In the Constant Study And The Learnings
Of The Things That It Takes To Be Magnetic

If One Wishes To Be Magnetic
They Must Be Grand-Masters Of Great Stillness
And Most Of ALL, Must WILL This

For In The World Of The Sentinel
Nothing Is A Gift

Whatever There Is To Learn
Must Be Learned The Hard Way


As Soon As You’re Talking About How Great You Are
You’ve Lost It
Don’t Toss It To The Swines
Your Pearls Of Wisdom Are For Thine

So Roll Back To The OR-I-DJinn-AL CreatORs


The above verse has become a theme in my Life… makes sense… I wrote it. Perhaps under a slightly different guise, but that is irrelevant.

The “Beginning” I refer to “Here-&-Now” is this writing;  These “Journals”.  So here it is.

Today — so far — I have re-written “The Pattern On The Trestle-Board” (as conveyed in Paul Foster Case’s work mentioned below) so that it resonates with my Self.  It used to say:

  1. I am a center of expression for the Primal Will-to-Good which eternally creates and sustains The universe.

  2. Through me its unfailing Wisdom takes form in thought and word.

  3. Filled with Understanding of its perfect law, I am guided moment by moment along the Path of Liberation.

  4. From the exhaustless riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.

  5. I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life.

  6. In all things, great and small, I see the beauty of the Divine Expression.

  7. Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious Life.

  8. I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the Eternal Splendor of the Limitless Light.

  9. In thought and word and deed, I rest my life from day to day upon the sure
    Foundation of Eternal Being.

  10. The Kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh.

Now It My Version States:

  • ALL That Ever Was And Ever WILL Be, Is Here Now — And I AM Of This & AM This

  • I AM The Center Of Expression & Reception For The WILL-Of-ALL Which Eternally Creates, Sustains, Destroys & Re-Makes The Universe In Every Moment

  • Through ALL Of That Which I AM — fORce & fORm — The Ever-Victorious Wisdom Of ALL Reveals & Relays It’s BE’ing In Thought & wORd;  Sound & Symbol;  fORce & fORm

  • Knowing & Comprehending The LORD & The LAW — I AM Guided Moment-By-Moment Along The Path — In Which-Ever Direction I Move

  • From The Infinite Riches Of ALL fORce & fORm — I Draw ALL That Which I Desire & Need:  Of Spirit;  Of Matter;  Of Soul

  • I Perceive The Connection Of ALL Things To ALL Other Things — And I Know & Comprehend The Nature Of Their Time & Space

  • In ALL Things I See:  The Beauty, The Awe, and The Terror Of Divine Expression

  • Living Through True WILL — Guided By ALL-Wisdom — My Life Is Always & In-ALL-Ways Victorious

  • In Every Moment — I Realize More Of The Eternal Splendor Of The Limitless Light — And For This I AM Grateful

  • In Thought — In wORd — In Deed:  I Lay My Life — From Day-To-Day — From Moment-To-Moment: Upon The Sure Foundation Of Eternal BE’ing

  • The Kingdom Of ALL Spirit;  ALL Soul;  ALL Matter — IS The fORce Which Fills & Shapes The fORm Of That Which Is Called The “Body” In-Which I Inhabit & Move Through This wORld



Mountain Pose3 minutes.  Tension under right scapula.  Dissolved with deep breathing.  Very satisified with results as it has been so very long since doing ANY Asana.


–  “Occult Fundamentals & Spiritual Unfoldment” by Paul Foster Case — First chapter skimmed and finished (for probably the fifth time.)

–  “Tarot Fundamentals” by Paul Foster Case — First chapter skimmed and finished (for probably the third time).

It made me think of my old friend “Red Eagle” who I knew back in the late ’90s / early ’00s…  He read Tarot with a King Arthur themed deck.  He read often for many people, but he only read for me once.  It was truly the only Tarot reading that I have ever experienced.

And just as some people — after having a tattoo by a certain person — never get tattooed by anyone else — I have had a similar feeling about “Red Eagle” and other people “Reading My Tarot”. 

I have never had an’other reading since.  And have not really had the desire.  I would very-much like to see my friend “Red Eagle” again.


“I Hope You Are Well My Old Friend;  My Merlin.”
~ Arthur [/plain]

After making a post on “Face-Crook” to see if anyone knows of his where-abouts, I did The Mountain Pose, and then sat down to write this…  And now it is “NOW”.


Mountain Pose Again — 3 Minutes.  Excellent.  I feel strong (and centered).


“Angel Tech” by Antero Alli — He is “speaking” about how:  “The Physical Body is the visible manifestation of the so-called Sub-Conscious Mind”.  This is one of the main reasons (the philosophy, not the reading) that I decided to become “Cloud” again.

If his (I think “He”) statement is true (and it is the conclusion that I came to a while back) then it is further indication that my Sub-Conscious got pretty “fat and disgusting”…  Thus my wORk with NLP (along with everything else that I’ve learned since I got squeezed out into this wORld.

So it feels pretty good to me to just spend some time with Mountain Pose…  move slowly…  Master each pose “in it’s own time”.  I’m in no hurry…  I’ve got no time to hurry.


– Savasana — About An Hour:  As always…  Fantastic.

[plain][/plain] [plain]

“Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation” by Christopher Hyatt — Introduction to the new edition finished and first chapter started.

It is no surprise that since this guy had such a huge hard-on for Israel Regardie, that his writing style is about as intolerable…  Only in his own special arrogant and sefl-important way.  But both his and Regardie’s styles are nothing more than word mastrubation.  And he’s dead, so either his methods do not work, or he (like so many others) probably did not practice them beyond the initial experimentation.

Just as all the authors talk about people who read books and never do the practices — it seems that he was one who wrote a lot of books but barely did any of the things that he wrote about.  Otherwise he probably would not have died as such a fat, disgusting, self-important piece of shit that he clearly was.

But I shall discover if there is anything of worth in this book.  Though it is already clear that the majority of it is — as he says — “offal”.


So I’m 56 pages in, and the only thing that I have seen which is NOT blatant self-aggrandizement;  The only thing worth noting — (which is actually based on something that Wilhelm Reich came up with) — is the idea that is stated here as:

     “…Each living thing goes through a cycle of — Tension — Charge — Discharge, and Relaxation.  Everything that is capable of completing this cycle can be labeled as “A Success”.  If it can not complete the cycle, it can be labeled as “A Failure” and will die without experiencing much joy or happiness…”  —  (probably paraphrased)

Christopher then proposes an exercise to ask myself what kind of person I am:

     “…A “Tension” type who never builds up a Charge;  A “Charge” type who never Discharges;  or A “Discharge” type who never Relaxes…

Well — as Christopher never elaborates on these terms, it can only be guessed.  But I would say that I am a One who has experienced being all of the above at some point in time — and shall most-likely experience more of the same.  But I know that it would be false to label my Self as being any one of those three, or even the fourth…  a One who does all three all the time.  I would wager that there is not a single living thing which is completely balanced in all three conditions, as the need for each is incumbent on so many other factors…  but Christopher could not be bothered to elaborate on this first and so-far only point worth mentioning…  which was not even his own.  [sigh]     

I Press On…

Reading even further (only about a-page-and-a-half) it seems pretty clear that — not only does he (Christopher Hyatt) fancy himself to be the the chela — and thus, “Ass-Kisser” — of Isreal Regardie — copying his nearly intolerable verbosity (I know, I know…  there was no other way to make that shorter)…  But it seems that he also tries quite hard at being as “witty” as Robert Anton Wilson — “biting his style” quite obviously…  though rather un-successfully.

Perhaps this thought is largely inspired by the fact that both of these “Gentlemen” (both dead) wrote the Prefaces to this “work”.

I Press On Further…

Rubbish…  Rubbish…  Rubbish…  Absolute Rubbish…
What A Complete Waste Of Energy…

Chapter Two…

Mindless Drivel

This time he is clearly trying to be a combination of Ram Dass’s “Be Here Now” (only with no Wisdom or even Intelligence behind what he is “saying”) and a very poor imitation of literally ANY Discordian publication (only without any actual humor).

I‘m starting to think that “The Boomers” nearly ruined Magick & The Occult too.  It seems that that generation either did or nearly ruined literally everything that they touched…  We’ll be better off when they are all dead and gone…  I refuse to read any more of this shit for today.



(translation:  “Go With Yourself”)

~ RakimTheMakir AL-AWAKA