Journal Of RakimTheMakir AL-AWAKA:  (Monday — June 24th, 2019)

For any of those friends and/or acquaintances of mine — these journal entries…  or more specifically, my posting them on face-crook is inspired by the fact that:


1)  I have fallen (albeit only slightly) into the trap that I criticized so many others of doing — posting way to much personal shit in that terrible place…

2)  It disgusts me that so many people I know (and one in particular) have become so incredibly Ego-Centric about what they share.

However — there are yet two other things to consider here:  1)  that is the nature of that “platform” —  & — 2)  There is value in sharing personal things with those who care to know about what One is doing, thinking, etc..

But face-crook is not a place that I wish to share anything so personal.  So I figure that if someone wants to know what I’m thinking, or what I am up to — they can click the link that I share in that dispicable place.  At least then it will be one step removed.

But The Main Purpose For These Journals Is BECAUSE Of What I AM Doing

What I AM Doing” is not really much different than what I HAVE been doing for years.  Only now with much more fORce & fORm than ever before.

I hesitate to use such terms as “The Great Work”, and their like — only because they have become so incredibly trite, and I do not want my Self to be in-any-way associated with those individuals (“In-Divide-You-All(s)”) who consume and then shit-out every thing that comes across their path, with the same level of contempt whether it be a perfect rose or a putrid ruse.

That which was “Occult” (and for good reason) became common-place.  And because of that, it became “Common”…  And ironically, it is because of this sad event, that it has become “Occult” once again…  merely by being exposed to those who look no further than their nose…  their hand-held zomibifcation devices.

But While They Digest ~ I Digress

These journals (for anyone else beside I who are writing them) are (besides this introduction) for Me;  My Self;  I


But Obviously — If they Are Posted Here, Or Any-Where — You Are Welcome To Read Them


I only mention the above because — unless you are a huge fan — or are really into “The Occult” (and it’s related subjects) — then these journals might be a little boring.

However — anything really “good” that comes out of them, will most-likely be posted in separate posts for each of those “goodies”.

And Now — On With It!

Mountain Pose — 3 Minutes:  Much better than yesterday.  Feeling very stable and sitting up straight with elongated spine is now more comfortable than slouching.

I‘ll finish my reports before walking to the store for more water…  Water-Walk…  That’s getting easier.

Today I AM Grateful For:

  • Magnesium
  • Boron
  • Salmon
  • Beer
  • Coffee
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Coconut Oil
  • My New Microphone Stand
  • ’80s Pop Music
  • My Wife
  • My Cats
  • Metabolism
  • Sleep
  • Dreams
  • The wORk of Robert Greene

(Not Necessarily In Any “Ascending” or “Descending” Order)

  • Affirmations:  √  —  Much better, now re-written.

  • Reading:  “33 Strategies Of War” (summary) by Robert Greene:  This summary is terribly written.  It is clear that I shall have to find a copy of the entire book as the author’s wORk is excellent, and the points in the summary are very good, but the writing is so horrible that it is nearly “un-readable”.

Found it!  1139 more pages to read!  😀

  • Reading:  “The 33 Strategies Of War” by Robert Greene:  [Interrupted by a long block of shit-work.  fixed Meta-Data on a massive amount of Audio files.  Slave-Labor is finished for the day…  Back to wORK!]

Brilliant…  As always.

And so is Brian Eno, Throbbing Gristle, and Bill Nelson…

That’s all for me tonight…

Have An Excellent Whatever