“The Law Of Association”

It is known that – a person; any person — when experiencing any sort of stimuli, will associate the feelings of that stimuli, with the “things” and people which happen to be in the vicinity of the person experiencing that certain stimuli.  This also happens when the person experiencing that stimuli even thinks about that person or “thing” while experiencing the feelings associated with that stimuli.

If a person is feeling joyous, exciting, wonderful feelings — and One happens to be near that person — or even come into that person’s mind at that moment.  Those feelings (in most cases) will become associated with the thoughts and feelings that that person feels about said One.

This can obviously be used to One’s advantage.  However, it should also be obvious that this can also wORk to One’s dis-advantage.

Should someone have an experience which is thought-of as terribly un-pleasant while he or she happened to be with a One, it is likely that those feelings will be transferred to that One.


It can be that if a person already has strong (set) feelings about a One — those feelings may over-power the influence of a certain incident.

This can wORk in “both ways”.  If a person detests a One — the sudden appearance (either in-proximity, or in-mind) can turn a “good mood” into a “sour disposition”.  Likewise, if a One is greatly liked/loved/admired by that person — it is probable that, even having a terrible experience with that One (as long as it was not created by that One) shall-not change the person’s disposition toward that One.

How This Can Be Used For The Benefit Of A One Should Need No Explanation