* (The information below is taken and adapted from a PDF of un-known origin, with no copyright information – the authenticity of that source can not be confirmed.  The Information posted here is for educational purposes.  No personal experience has validated any of this information, unless specifically stated

Also Known As:  Arabic, Cape Gum, Christ’s Crown, Egyptian Thorn, Gum Arabic Tree, Thorny Acacia

Indigenous To:  Northern Africa

Sacred To:  Diana, Ishtar, Osiris, Ra.

History & Legend

(Apparently) – Burned on Hindu and Buddhist “sacred” fires.

(Supposedly) – In Judeo-Christian mythology, Acacia was the wood of “The Ark of The Covenant” and “The Sacred Tabernacle” – while the “Thorny Acacia” was the plant from which “Christ’s Crown of Thorns” was made.

Common Uses:


(Powdered & Dried) – Acacia gum can be added to hot water to form a throat coating mucilage, and also (supposedly) prevents diarrhea.
Zodiacal Correspondences:  Mars, Scorpio