(The Ridiculously & Inappropriately-Named)
because it is actually a spell

“Ancient Egyptian Prosperity Rite”

(edited by RakimtheMakir)

 [plain] This ceremony is adapted from a book called “The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies” – A book which is an obvious imitation of the “New Avatar Power” style of so-called “Grimoire” which was written in a way of marketing to people who have no interest in learning about Magick or about doing any sort of research on their own, but simple want a “quick fix”.  It can not be determined if the person writing the book was an idiot, or simply thought that his readers are, but the information is being adapted here for intelligent use, as the “original” book is written like a really bad one-page sales copy website from the early to mid 2000s.  As of this writing, I have not actually performed the ceremony, as I do not yet have the space, the privacy or any of the implements.  Upon completion of the ceremony, I will post updates about the ceremony’s efficacy and any relevant results. [/plain]

You Will Need:

  • Privacy
  • An Altar
  • A Space Which Is Specifically Used For Performing Magick – or at least – One Which Is “Your Own” (i.e. is heavily infused with your energy, and not that of anyone else’s – especially if their energy could work against your own)
  • Three Golden Candles

The Ritual

This is a rather simple ritual compared to “The Magick Money Ceremony” but is similar in that it takes place on Thursday and Sunday.  However (according to the book) it begins on Thursday and then continues on Sunday, and is only done (apparently) once (as it is not stated to repeat…  nor is it stated why this ritual starts on Thursday instead-of Sunday, as in the other “Ceremony”.  Furthermore, this ritual is performed at dawn, instead-of either dawn or noon.

  • At Dawn On Thursday…
  • Arrange three golden candles (probably on the altar, but really, wherever you have available to do this), and light the candles.  (it is not said in-which directions the points of the tri-angles should be pointing, but according to the next instruction, I would say that one point should be facing North)
  • Face North and recite this (apparently) Three (and a half) Thousand Year-Old “Adjuration”



Oh Ancient Ones

Above The Earth!

Starry Dieties,

Good Spirits Of The Cardinal Points!

Hail Great Spirit Who Sayeth:

“I Have Come To Thy Protector:

Not Shall Men, Gods, Hidden Ones, The Dead;

Ancients Any, Mortals Any, Demons Any,

Bring Harm Unto Thee

Glory To Thee, Oh Divine Presence

Give Me Strength

Let Me Be Guided By Thy Light!

It then says that that is the end of the “Rite”, and that it should be repeated on (I assume, the following – as it is not stated) Sunday.  How this is a Ritual for “Wealth” is un-clear, because the “Adjuration” is only asking for “Strength” and “Guidance” – However, I shall perform it and list my experiences.  If it works…  Awesome…  If it needs tweaking…  be sure that it definitely (along with it’s name) be tweaked 😉