(the so-called)

“Magick Money Ceremony”

[plain] This ceremony is adapted from a book called “The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies” – A book which is an obvious imitation of the “New Avatar Power” style of so-called “Grimoire” which was written in a way of marketing to people who have no interest in learning about Magick or about doing any sort of research on their own, but simple want a “quick fix”.  It can not be determined if the person writing the book was an idiot, or simply thought that his readers are, but the information is being adapted here for intelligent use, as the “original” book is written like a really bad one-page sales copy website from the early to mid 2000s.  As of this writing, I have not actually performed the ceremony, as I do not yet have the space, the privacy or any of the implements.  Upon completion of the ceremony, I will post updates about the ceremony’s efficacy and any relevant results. [/plain]

You Will Need:

  • Privacy
  • An Altar
  • A Space Which Is Specifically Used For Performing Magick – or at least – One Which Is “Your Own” (i.e. is heavily infused with your energy, and not that of anyone else’s – especially if their energy could work against your own)
  • A Gold or Orange Candle
  • A Green Candle
  • A Blue Candle
  • Pine Incense
  • A Gold or Orange Cloth Of The Highest Quality That You Can Obtain And Afford
  • A Blue Cloth Of The Highest Quality That You Can Obtain And Afford
  • The Best Quality Paper That You Can Obtain And Afford
  • A Gold Ink Pen (or Gold Ink, and Calligraphy Pen) Used Specifically For Magick
  • A Blue Ink Pen (or Blue Ink, and Calligraphy Pen) Used Specifically For Magick
  • Two Silver Coins

The Ceremony

On a Sunday Morning, at Sunrise – or at Noon:  Place the Gold or Orange Cloth on the Altar with.  Place the Gold or Orange Candle on one side of the cloth and the Green Candle on the other (which sides each color should be on, is not stated in the book – I will do whatever feels appropriate in the moment.)

Light The Candles and The Incense (where the incense should be placed is not stated in the book – I will do whatever feels appropriate in the moment.)

After lighting the incense, in Gold Ink, draw the “Talisman of Lord Sol” as presented below.

1 35 34 3 32 6
7 11 27 28 8 30
24 23 15 16 14 19
18 30 32 21 17 3
25 29 10 9 26 12
36 5 33 4 2 31

Then place one of the silver coins on the paper and fold the paper around the coin.  The book says to fold the “corners” around the coin, but does not specify any more than that – (as always, I will do whatever feels appropriate in the moment.)

The book says to hold the paper and the coin in the incense smoke while folding the paper around the coin.

As you are doing this – or directly after the folding is complete (the book says at the same time) say the wORds…



[info]As the spellings for “Adonai” is different than its current traditional spelling, it is quite possible that “ANGLA” is actually the “AGLA” used in the traditional LBRP.  I know nothing of what or who “MERLOY” is.  Of course, the book has no explanation for this.[/info]

Now place the talisman – with the coin still in it – in a drawer (or some other “safe” and preferably “sacred” space) and thus ends the ceremony.

Part 2

Repeat the same steps on the Thursday of the same week, following the same basic procedures, only…

Instead of the Gold or Orange Candle, use the Blue one.  (The book says nothing of The Green Candle – nor does it say to use a “new” one so, presumably, that one is still the same.)  Also, instead of the Gold or Orange Cloth, use the Blue Cloth.

Then – instead of the Talisman of Lord Sol, “The Talisman of Lord Jupiter” will be used – drawing it in Blue Ink thusly…

4 14 15 1
9 7 6 12
5 11 10 8
16 2 3 13

Follow the same procedures for the rest of the ceremony as was done on Sunday.


On the morning of the Friday following the last day of the second week, retrieve the coins (the book says coins, and nothing of the talismans.  It is not known if one should take the coins out of the talismans, and if-so, what is to be done with the paper.  I will, as always do whatever feels appropriate.)

According to the book, one is supposed to carry the coins with him wherever he goes and riches will flood to him.

End Note

It is said in the book, that for an even more effective finish to the ceremony, it says that one should follow a dirt road or path until it comes to a cross-roads.  There, one should bury the talismans with the coins still inside, and walk away, not looking back.

[info]Of course, this should only be done if the person is completely willing to part with the silver coins, without thinking about them, as this is essentially like “looking back”…  This is my note and was not written in the book.[/info]

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